Facility (Not Grant) Management

Public School Construction Program Director Bob Gorrell shares his outlook and vision with MACo’s Legislative Committee.


Maryland’s Public School Construction Program Director Bob Gorrell has been on the job for more than a few months now, but his perspective on school construction continues to bring a fresh focus to the State’s largest capital program.

“$1 for school construction spent in the ’70s would be roughly equivalent to $13 today.” – Bob Gorrell, Director, Maryland Public School Construction Program, on construction cost escalation

Gorrell recently addressed MACo’s Legislative Committee, sharing insights from what he has learned about Maryland’s school construction program and facility needs, and his ideas for where the program needs to go.

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The average age of Maryland schools is increasing in most school districts.

Topics of the discussion included:

  • Performing a statewide school facilities assessment
  • Developing baseline sufficiency standards for schools
  • Increasing costs of construction
  • Creating accountability and incentives for maintenance

Referencing the work of the Public School Construction Program in the past, and the direction he would like to go, Gorrell said that he would like to move the focus of the Department from grants management to facilities management.

More information about the Public School Construction Program.

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