60-Day Delay of Paid Leave Implementation Put on the Table

MACo Policy Associate, Kevin Kinnally, testified in support of Senate Bill 304, “Maryland Healthy Working Families Act – Enforcement – Delayed Implementation”, which would delay the enforcement of compliance with the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act for 60 days.

The House and Senate voted to override the governor’s veto of the paid leave bill on January 12, which gave those affected 30 days to comply. This legislation would extend the compliance date 60 days to April 12.

From MACo Testimony:

County decision-making is, for obvious purposes, a public and deliberative process. Counties adopting new personnel policies must go through hearings and opportunities for public comment prior to their adoption. This process, by its nature, will take weeks to complete – even for those jurisdictions that had policy re-writes “ready to go” on the day the new state law was adopted by the General Assembly.”

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