Montgomery County Planning Department Eyeing Congested Veirs Mill Corridor

Washington Business Journal article (2018-01-08) reported that the Montgomery County Planning Department will present the Department’s preliminary recommendations for the Veirs Mill corridor master plan. The Veirs Mill corridor, which runs between Rockville and Wheaton, suffers from both congestion and pedestrian safety problems. The recommendations seek to make the area more wakable and transit-friendly and have a higher mixed use density. From the article:

The recommendations include the following ideas to not only improve safety but also enhance the community with new mixed-use development, residential uses and mobility alternatives:

  • Introducing a complete street approach along Veirs Mill Road that includes continuous walkways protected by a green buffer and a two-way separated bike lane along the south side.
  • Implementing short and long-term improvements on commercial properties to create neighborhood-serving centers. [Montgomery County planner Jessica] McVary said there are opportunities for additional mixed-use development along Veirs Mill as well as potential for new areas where public open spaces could be established along with new internal street connections.
  • Adding residential, both single-family and multifamily. McVary said most of the Veirs Mill corridor is aligned with single-family development but the hope is to also encourage higher-density development such as town homes and mid-rise apartment buildings that also provide a centralized area for public use. The recommendations specifically call for multifamily closer to the Twinbrook Metro and new development adjacent to Rock Creek Park.
  • Creating partnerships to encourage community participation in the corridor and to create local character with public art, tree plantings and bicycle facilities.