Fine Tune Your Growth Regs With The New And Improved “COW”

The Code and Ordinance Worksheet, provided by the Center for Watershed Protection, has been updated after 20 years of use.

Center for Watershed Protection Press Release:

Originally created in 1998, the COW [Code and Ordinance Worksheet] is a tool for municipal staff or non-governmental organizations whose communities are experiencing or anticipating new development or redevelopment in urban, suburban or rural areas and need help evaluating their local development regulations.

Center Director of Research Karen Cappiella:

The COW allows an in-depth review of the standards, ordinances and codes that shape how development occurs. We are excited to launch this updated COW to help local communities plan for more environmentally friendly, economically viable and locally appropriate development.

The update includes national expert input from relevant disciplines. The document accompanies the Center’s Better Site Design Handbook, which outlines 22 model development principles for implementing better site design.

In the last 20 years, COW has been used in 75 communities 8 states and Washington DC.

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