Anne Arundel Passes Community Cat Legislation

County Executive Steve Schuh signed legislation authorizing community cat care programs in Anne Arundel County. The bill was unanimously passed by the County Council on January 2.

According to a press release:

“The passing of the Community Cat bill is a monumental step in the development of an impactful program to reduce the large, unowned cat population,” said Schuh. “This bill recognizes community cat programs as a tool that will greatly benefit communities throughout the County.”

Bill 96-17 permits community cat programs, in conjunction with Animal Control, to use animal welfare and volunteer groups to assist citizens of Anne Arundel County who want to help care for unowned, free roaming cats in their neighborhoods. The new law would give citizens access to additional, much needed animal care services including spay, neuter, and vaccination services.

With access to these services, citizens will be able to provide responsible care to community cats resulting in fewer cats, healthier cats, and well-monitored cats. With community cat programs in place, non-profit groups are able to attract private funding and grants to use to meet their goals.

Another goal of community cat programs is to reduce the number of community cats handled by Animal Control allowing reallocation of those resources. Community cat programs in the County make vital services available to the public at no additional cost to the taxpayers.

Read the full press release for more information.