“Racial Equity Institute for Policymakers” Event in Annapolis, January 11

County officials are invited to join an early session event to attend the one-day “Racial Equity Institute for Policymakers” in Annapolis on January 11.

Associated Black Charities, with support from Delegates Erek Barron and Shelly Hettleman, is sponsoring this event to discuss racial issues in public policy development and implementation. The event will run from 10:15 am (or at the end of session that day) until 12:30 pm in Room 180 of the Lowe House Office Building.

From an invitation letter, penned by Delegates Barron and Hettleman, who serve on the event’s Planning Committee:

ABC first introduced the policy tool “Policy Applications of a Racial Equity Lens: Ten Essential Questions to Policy Development, Review, and Evaluation” to General Assembly members in 2015 and to members of the Baltimore City Council in 2016. The “Ten Essential Questions” was created understanding the pivotal role of policy in reducing and dismantling structural and institutional barriers and in creating more equitable outcomes for Maryland’s most vulnerable citizens.

Since its introduction, policymakers have requested a convening to discuss how the tool has been used, and how it can be effectively used. This January 11th convening is the day on which we’ll be doing just that. We hope that you will join us at this session. Your insights and commitment to creating the best policies for Maryland citizens will add much value and opportunities for discussion and learning.

Read more about the “Ten Essential Questions” on the ABC website.

Please RSVP (email) your attendance to A. Adar Ayira at (aayira@abc-md.org, 443.801.3977) at Associated Black Charities. You can also contact her if you have questions or need further information.

County officials are invited to stop by the MACo offices during your visit to Annapolis for the Institute meeting.

Note: an earlier version incorrectly (and inexplicably) noted the event date as Paril 11 — the correct date is January 11

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties