Conduit Street Podcast, Episode #7 – Small Cell Broadband/Election Issues

The future of wireless will evolve from large, macro-cell towers to include thousands of densely-deployed small cells, operating at lower power. Small cell wireless facilities are deployed by mobile operators to extend network coverage and/or increase network capacity. State and local governments across the country have expressed concerns over legislation that would pre-empt local government regulations when it comes to siting antennas and other infrastructure in public rights of way such as power poles, street lamps, and traffic signals.

Elections are a public good and serve critical purposes: they are how we choose our representatives, set the course for our public policy, and give voice to our views about the issues that impact our lives, families, and communities. Many states, including Maryland, are considering measures to increase voter turnout.

On this episode of the Conduit Street Podcast, Kevin Kinnally and Michael Sanderson discuss small cell broadband and election issues.

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