Apply for MEA’s Game Changer Competitive Grant Program by October 30th

The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) is pleased to announce the opening of the FY16 Game Changer Program. The Competitive program provides financial assistance for the deployment of innovative renewable energy systems.

According to MEA’s Game Changer Program webpage:

This is a competitive grant program, with awards expected to range from $50,000 to $250,000 per award. Up to a total of $1 million, subject to funding availability, is available through the program. Applicants are expected to contribute at least 70% of total project costs.

Project Goal:

To support innovative “game changing” renewable energy systems, specifically in two areas of interest:

Area of Interest 1: Innovative technologies that are expected to reduce the cost or increase the efficiency of traditional Tier 11 renewable energy systems while driving economic development opportunities; and

Area of Interest 2: Commercial, customer-sited electric storage systems that are integrated with a Tier 11 renewable energy source. MEA will only consider systems that provide a quantifiable reliability or resiliency benefit, demonstrate an innovative use case for storage, and drive economic development opportunities. Examples of innovative use cases may include the potential for storage to mitigate intermittency from on-site renewable generation, to manage on-site demand during times of highest need, or to provide another benefit to the host customer or electric system more generally, including utility distribution systems and wholesale markets.

For more on the application materials, minimum requirements and competitive evaluation criteria, please carefully review the Funding Opportunity Announcement.

Through the program, MEA seeks to demonstrate new technologies and storage applications, with a goal of encouraging replication of systems that can advance the market for renewable energy in Maryland. MEA will publicize projects and require grantees to share certain project details in a final report that can made public.

Applications are due by Noon on October 30, 2015.