State Development Plan Process Outlined For Sustainable Growth Commission

The Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission received an overview of the state’s anticipated process for developing a new State Development Plan to replace the recently repealed PlanMaryland at the Commission’s September 25, 2017, meeting in the Town of North Beach. As previously reported on Conduit Street, Governor Lawrence “Larry” Hogan formally repealed PlanMaryland through an executive order in August and laid the framework for the adoption of a new Development Plan (which is required by state law).

Special Secretary for Smart Growth Wendi Peters and Maryland Department of Planning Planning Coordination Director Chuck Boyd stated that the Development Plan process would include considerable outreach to stakeholders – especially local governments. The initial plan will be a framework developed over the next 2 years that will be further altered as necessary. The Hogan Administration views the Development Plan as a dynamic document rather than a static one. Local governments would be consulted at the start of the process and the creation of the Development Plan would be a collaborative effort. Peters stressed that the Development Plan would not be a “top down approach” – a concern that had been raised against PlanMaryland by MACo and other stakeholders.

The Commission also heard updates on the Reinvest Maryland 2.0 report (which is being formatted into final draft form for approval in November) and local planning updates from Town of North Beach Mayor Mark Frazer, Town of Chesapeake Beach Mayor Pat Mahoney, and Calvert County Deputy County Administrator Wilson Parran.

MACo Legal and Policy Counsel Les Knapp and Garrett County Planning and Land Management Director Deborah Carpenter serve as the MACo representatives on the Commission. The Commission’s next meeting is scheduled for November 13 in Ellicott City.

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