Cecil Looks To Boost Economic Development

The Cecil County Office of Economic Development will present two resolutions to the Cecil County Council aimed at bringing two new distribution centers and hundreds of jobs to the County in the coming months.

According to a press release:

Maryland’s Department of Commerce has conditionally agreed to grant up to $360,000 from the Maryland Economic Development Assistance and Authority Fund (MEDAAF) to Lidl US, LLC. The grant will assist the German supermarket chain in acquiring property and establishing a new 790,000 square foot distribution center in the Principio Business Park in North East, Maryland. As required by the MEDAAF statute, the County will contribute $36,000.

The proposed Lidl project will cost an estimated $105M for the land acquisition and site construction and $45M in additional costs for equipment and interior needs. The company expects to hire 100 permanent full-time employees by December 2018.

“Lidl’s commitment to Cecil County in 2016 was the first of a recent flurry of activity for Principio Business Park, which also includes Amazon, TruAire, and Project Melo. This Regional Headquarters and Distribution Center will allow Lidl to continue expanding north along the eastern seaboard,’ said Cecil County Director of Economic Development Christopher Moyer.

Also slated to develop at the Principio Business Park is Project Melo, a U.S.-based manufacturer. Maryland’s Department of Commerce has conditionally agreed to loan Project Melo up to $1.2M to assist in establishing a new 1M plus square foot distribution center. Plans call for anticipated project costs at approximately $16M for land acquisition, $65M for construction and improvements and $3M for equipment. The County will contribute a $170,000 conditional loan.

Initially, Project Melo expects to hire 225 full time employees at the site by the end of December 2021 and 225 additional full time employees by the end of 2023.

The resolutions will be presented before the Council on October 3, 2017.

Read the full press release for more information.