Anne Arundel To Consider 8-Year General Development Plan Cycle

An Anne Arundel County press release (2017-09-18) announced that County Executive Steve Schuh will introduce legislation reducing the County’s General Development Plan (GDP) cycle from ten years to eight years. From the press release:

“Reducing the time period between General Development Plans will ensure more public input and greater transparency in the process,” said Schuh. “This reform will make certain that our zoning designations and infrastructure remain adequate as our population grows.”

Currently, the County undertakes the General Development Plan process every decade. The GDP is Anne Arundel County’s comprehensive plan to guide land use in the County, preserve its assets and conserve its resources. It is prepared in compliance with State requirements and guidelines. Adopted by the County Council, the GDP establishes policies and recommendations to guide land use decisions over a 20 yeartime frame. All master plans and development regulations adopted by the County must be consistent with the goals, policies and recommendations of the GDP.

“Compressing the time frame of the planning cycle ensures that our plans – and the implementation measures they recommend – are fresh and reflective of current conditions, especially external influences, and serve to provide the very best, up-to-date planning and land use guidance for our communities,” said Planning and Zoning Officer Phil Hager.

The reform proposal comes a week after the County announced an extensive schedule of public comment sessions that will provide the citizens a significant opportunity to have their voice heard as county government embarks on the 18-month General Development Plan process. Officials from all relevant land use departments will be on hand to hear the ideas and perspectives of residents in every corner of the County.

Dates for public sessions and citizen comment instructions can be found on the County’s GDP webpage.  The press release indicates that the next GDP is scheduled to be completed by December 2019.

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