Civil Engineering Pays

salarysurvey17disciplinesThe median pre-tax income of civil engineers has increased 4-5 percent since 2014, to $101,000, according to a new study by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

Unsurprisingly, the study finds that increased earning potential is directly linked to attainment of advanced degrees and licensure:

• Those with a bachelor’s degree have a median salary of $93,000.
• Those with master’s degrees have a median of $101,000.
• Professional licensure increases the median salary to $108,000.
• Those with doctoral degrees earn the most on average, with a $110,000 median salary.

The “typical” survey respondent was a male in his early 40s, with a bachelor’s or advanced degree, and about 17 years of professional experience.

The study also found that a pay gap continues to persist for women and minorities. The median salary for women is $83,000, compared with $101,400 for male respondents. Hispanic and African American respondents earned median incomes of $83,600 and $87,800, respectively.