Harford Launches New Emergency Medical Standards Advisory Board

Harford County Executive Barry Glassman has announced the creation of a new Emergency Medical Services Standards Advisory Board.

As announced in a news release:

The EMS Standards Advisory Board will make strategic recommendations to support high quality emergency medical services in the county and plan for future needs. The all-volunteer board is comprised of five members with expertise from the medical, EMS and business communities, and the Harford County Volunteer Fire and EMS Association. The Board will be advisory to County Executive Glassman and report directly to Harford County Director of Emergency Services Edward Hopkins.

County Executive Glassman has charged the Board with making recommendations on the following:

  • Providing for and supporting high quality emergency medical services;
  • Strategies for efficient and effective services delivery, training and quality assurance;
  • Suggesting methods for billing and the collection of fees.

The creation of the EMS Standards Advisory board is the latest in a series of steps Glassman has taken to strengthen the delivery of emergency medical services in the county. Previous actions included setting a dedicated medical director to oversee patient care and establishing county owned and staffed “surge” ambulances.

“As a former volunteer fire fighter, and VFC president, I know that when our citizens call out for emergency services, Harford County’s first responders want nothing more than to deliver the best possible care. As county executive, it is my responsibility to ensure that our system is sustainable and can meet our future needs. Therefore, in addition to establishing initial protocols for our county-owned surge ambulances, the EMS Standards Advisory Board will work with our medical director, Department of Emergency Services’ staff, and various emergency service providers in the field to begin our long-term plan to support and strengthen future EMS services in the county,” County Executive Glassman said.

The five member EMS Standards Advisory Board includes chairman John W. Donohue,  Dr. David Hexter, Tami Wiggins, William A. Dousa Jr., and Lawrence A. Richardson Jr.

Read the Harford County news release to learn more.

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