LGIT Issues Seasonal Flooding & Hurricane Alert


The Local Government Insurance Trust (LGIT) issued a seasonal flooding and hurricane alert (2017-09-05) that warned about the flooding and storm surge dangers caused by hurricanes and storms. The alert warned that while September is the peak hurricane season, the risk for hurricanes does not end until the beginning of December.

The alert also offered advice to counties on how to minimize losses based on flooding or hurricane damage both pre-event and post-event. From the alert:

Pre- Event Actions

  • Building sites should be carefully evaluated for flood potential
  • Existing structures in flood zones should be analyzed for their ability to withstand normally expected events
  • Flood shields or barriers, use of temporary diking (or landscaping that incorporates diking features), shutters for building openings, and sandbagging (plan sandbagging layout before flood situation) should be provided.
  • Emergency supplies should be kept on hand, portable power equipment to maintain vital utility services should be available, and main electrical service should be placed on upper floors of the building away from historical flood stage heights.

Post-Event Actions

  • Personnel should be assigned to implement emergency action plans, such as installing barriers and operating pumps, repairing damage, and disconnecting utility services.
  • Salvage should begin as soon as possible and facility protection systems (i.e., sprinkler, fire alarm/detection systems and burglar alarms) and building systems should be restored.

The alert also warned about fire risks posed by ruptured gas pipes, leaking flammable liquids, and electrical shorts.

Useful Links

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