Washington County Considers Creating a Diversity Committee

In Washington County the Commissioners are exploring whether to create an advisory diversity committee.

The Herald Mail reports:

The committee could help with community involvement, encouraging more candidates to run for public office and help with diversity issues in the workforce, according to county Commissioners Wayne Keefer and John Barr.

Keefer said a resident contacted him months ago about the idea of forming a diversity panel. One of his colleagues on the Washington County Board of Commissioners also was contacted about the same idea, he said.

As reported in the article, rather than “reinvent the wheel” Washington County officials are touching base with leadership from the Maryland County Officials Diversity Caucus (Diversity Caucus), a MACo Chapter Organization, for advice. The Diversity Caucus provides an organizational structure for county elected officials of minority descent to empower, represent, and respond to issues affecting the most vulnerable communities and constituencies; to promote legislation and policies beneficial to the people they represent; and to serve as a central point for information and participation within the Maryland Association of Counties.

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