Del. McIntosh: Time To Talk The “T-Word”

House Appropriations Committee Chair Maggie McIntosh penned a letter to the editor in The Baltimore Sun last week responding to Maryland Aviation Administrator Ricky Smith’s comment that getting Baltimoreans to the BWI Airport to work has been “a major challenge.” She agrees with him.

In these complex and fraught times, it is as simple as this: Our Baltimore citizens do not have the transportation to get to the jobs which are available, the jobs which are their vital links to financial, physical and emotional health.

My fellow Baltimore citizens, we have to talk about the “t-word.” We have to talk about transportation in Baltimore because it if a major factor in blocking Baltimore’s way out of poverty and crime and into health and safety. …

We have to stop the transportation bleeding and compensate for the lost opportunities wrought by the lack of investment in our transportation infrastructure. We have to think outside the box. I will call upon city leaders, state legislative leaders and the MTA to renew efforts to get our people to the major employment centers.

Read her comments here.