Knott Commission Announces Fall Work Plan

Screenshot 2017-08-24 15.57.51

The 21st Century School Facilities Commission was originally set to complete its work last fall, but then extended its end date through December 2017. Today it released its fall work schedule.

The Commission, which was created by the presiding officers of the General Assembly, will be splitting into two subcommittees. One will focus on issues relating to school construction funding and the other will consider recommendations to reform school construction processes and building requirements for school facilities.

The subcommittees will hold multiple work sessions and then report back to the full Commission in mid-November, with the Commission holding its decision meeting in mid-December.

The Commission’s work will be wrapped up, according to the plan, in time for the 2018 General Assembly Session, setting up for the possibility that its recommendations form the framework for legislation this year.

For more information, see the Knott Commission 2017 interim workplan