BIOTECH BAIT: Can Maryland Net a Boom in Biotechnology?

Biotech industry leaders and experts share insights at MACo’s Summer Conference.

At a special panel featured in the MACo Summer Conference Tech Expo, co-hosted by the Maryland Tech Council, industry leaders share how Maryland counties can get in the chase for biotech, and starting taking advantage of Maryland’s assets to catalyze additional growth in the biotech industry.


Notes from the discussion:


Business executives want to make sure that the government is not going to get in the way and stop them from making a return. The government has to think about their response to community concerns, and its global effect. –Tim Lyden, Eli Lilly


The biotech industry needs a marketing campaign. How many people here can tell us what happens at Johns Hopkins? At the University of Maryland? At Eli Lilly? Some of the great work happening right down the street from us. The folks living in those communities do not know what is going on. Getting STEM teachers into classrooms is one way to do that.–Brian Gaines, MDBio Foundation

If you are seeking to answer the question for potential employees/talent: “Where do I plug in to the bio tech community?”, one answer is the biohive that BioBuzz is building. Check it out at –Chris Frew,  BioBuzz

Maryland has assets that are unreplicatable anywhere across the country:  federal institutions; universities…the list goes on. As a state we need to do a better job of how we represent ourselves, are we in the chase?–Henry Bernstein, Scheer Partners

Tom Sadowski, Vice Chancellor for Economic Development, University System of Maryland moderated the panel.


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