Harford Local Management Board Awarded Grant, Launches New Programs

The Harford County Local Management Board has been awarded a state grant of $570,994 to launch new programs to help county family in needs. A Harford County press release outlines how the the funds will be used for programs to reduce childhood hunger, assist families out of poverty, and abate the impact of parental incarceration.

“Getting Ahead in a Just Getting By World” is an educational program for low income families that addresses the causes of poverty. This class has a high success rate, with evaluations showing significant effects on poverty-related knowledge, perceived stress, mental health and well-being, self-sufficiency, goal directed behavior and planning.

“Parenting Inside Out (PIO)” is an evidence-based parenting skills training program for families affected by parental incarceration. Topics include communication skills, problem solving, emotion regulation, child development, non-violent discipline techniques, positive reinforcement, monitoring and healthy family dynamics. The program will target incarcerated mothers and fathers in the detention center and parents on parole or probation in the community.

“Project S.E.E.K. (Services to Empower and Enable Kids)” is a program aimed at reducing intergenerational incarceration. The program addresses the risk and protective factors associated with delinquency and criminal behavior at both the individual and family levels. Project S.E.E.K. incorporates mental health programming for youth, problem-solving and social skills training, substance abuse prevention, and violence prevention and conflict resolution. This comprehensive program has four major program components: home visits, advocacy and referral, support groups and facilitating child-inmate communication.

“Reducing Childhood Hunger” helps families become more self-sufficient, food-secure, and economically stable. Rather than offering pre-packaged/pre-weighed food, the program creates a food pantry where clients can shop for their own groceries using a point system. This gives families the freedom to choose the foods that best meet their needs. Clients also receive oneon-one counseling to address individual needs, develop strategies for financial management, discuss access to other resources, and formulate a plan for job searching, if applicable. The six week program under the guidance of the national nonprofit No Kid Hungry’s Cooking Matters program includes budgeting, shopping for food, making healthy choices, planning menus and cooking nutritious meals.

Read the full press release to learn more.