Complimentary Conference Captures Created by Capable Company #MACoCon

Gursky PhotographyMACo would like to acknowledge and thank Grant L. Gursky Photography for the sponsoring the photography at MACo’s Summer Conference, this August 16-19 in Ocean City, MD.

Thanks to Gursky, attendees can close their camera app and enjoy the conference!

Grant L. Gursky grew up in a suburb of Washington, DC, where from an early age, he dreamed of being a photojournalist for major media outlets. He’s come a long way from taking photos of the national monuments on his own for fun as a kid to making his dreams come true. Grant has worked from some of the smallest and largest publications in the news world – the Catholic Review, Carroll County Times, The Daily Times, Washington Post, and Boston Globe to name a few. His photos have appeared in countless newspapers and magazines throughout the world, including Coastal Style Magazine, US News & World Report and Time.

Thank you Grant L. Gursky for preserving this year’s memories!

Please visit Grant L. Gursky Photography on the web at and keep an eye out for the Summer Conference photos on our blog after the conference.

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