Harford County Program Preps Students for Public Safety Careers

A program run by Harford County in conjunction with the county Volunteer Fire & EMS Association and public schools helps to provide high school students interested in public safety careers with firefighter, EMS, and rescue training. Participants receive both classroom and field training. Students that complete the program obtain certifications that allow them to apply for jobs in the field.

The Baltimore Sun reports:

Students must have joined a fire company before the cadet program starts on the first day of school, and they must be at least 16 years old to join a company.

Applicants must complete the majority of their high school graduation requirements before they apply, and they must get approvals from counseling staff, teachers and parents. They must also write an essay, Hinch said.

Cadets spend part of their day in school and part of the day in training. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are set aside for field training, and Tuesdays and Thursday are for classroom work at a training center in Edgewood.

Classes are taught by instructors affiliated with the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute, or MFRI.

Cadets take course offerings such as Firefighter 1 (basic firefighting), Firefighter 2 (advanced firefighting), HAZMAT operations and emergency medical responder, according to Hinch.

Completing the program means the cadets are certified firefighters, and they can apply for positions in departments in the area, according to Hinch.

“This is a career-building program for our students,” she said.

Read The Baltimore Sun  to learn more.