Howard County Superintendent Renee Foose Tells Staff She Will Resign

Embattled Howard County schools superintendent Renee Foose has told her executive staff and some principals that she will resign today, sources told The Baltimore Sun Tuesday. The Howard County school board has scheduled a closed meeting for 4 p.m.

Foose could not immediately be reached for comment. Her resignation would represent a victory for her critics on the school board who have called for new leadership.

As reported by The Baltimore Sun,

A tense power struggle has emerged in recent months between the fifth-year superintendent and the new majority that took control of the board in December. The rival sides have been locked in a costly lawsuit that has threatened to disrupt Maryland’s sixth-largest school system, a district with 76 schools and 55,000 students that consistently ranks among the best in the nation.

In 2012, Foose became the first woman to run the high-achieving Howard County school system. She was praised then as a seasoned educator with a steady hand. Five years later, her relationship has soured with the board. She sued its members in January, accusing them of trampling on her authority. Foose took legal action to preserve her ability to lead without interference, she said.

During her tenure, Howard County schools scored the highest in Maryland on state and national academic measures in the past three years, Foose noted in her lawsuit. The county’s graduation rate peaked at 93.5 percent under Foose in fiscal year 2015, her lawyers wrote.

She launched sweeping plans to transform elementary education with foreign language lessons and fewer subjects.

The previous school board renewed Foose’s four-year contract for $273,000 last year.

Current board chairwoman Cynthia Vaillancourt could not immediately be reached for comment.

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