Budget for FBI Headquarters May Not Be Enough to Move Forward

Congress is currently considering a budget bill with additional funding for the FBI’s headquarters, but it is not clear if that is enough to put the project in motion, according to the Washington Business Journal.

Prince George’s County and Maryland elected officials have been courting the Department of General Services project for a new FBI headquarters in Landover or Greenbelt, Maryland. Both Maryland locations and Springfield, Virginia are possible sites, but neither the funding nor the destination of the project have been locked-in yet.

As reported in the Washington Business Journal, the budget bill currently under consideration by Congress would only allocate partial funding for the project.

The short term fix that earned bipartisan agreement on Sunday appropriates $523 million for the stalled effort, which the General Services Administration put on hold in March citing a lack of appropriations.

The question remains whether the funds included in the short-term fix will be enough for the GSA to move forward with the consolidation at one of three locations under consideration, in Greenbelt, Landover or Springfield.

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