New Academy Graduate Class: Government, Civility & Negotiation

In these days of partisan rhetoric, division within government, and a growing need to work together, it is more important than ever that public officials consider this question: Is civility up for negotiation?

academylogoGraduates of the Academy for Excellence in Local Governance will have the opportunity to explore the dynamics of civility in government through a new course: Government, Civility, and Negotiation. This one-day session is designed for Academy Graduates – elected and appointed officials of Maryland’s counties and municipalities who are seeking approaches to work more effectively in their communities. This interactive workshop will present a negotiation framework based on the work of Roger Fisher and William Ury.

Captain Mark Adamshick, faculty on leadership and ethics at the US Naval Academy, West Point, and the University of Maryland, will lead participants through case studies and group discussions with the goal of finding methods for negotiation in governance that create atmospheres of respect and collaboration.

To register for the course, participants must be Graduates of the Academy for Excellence in Local Governance. Local government officials with questions about their Academy transcript or status should call the registrar at 301.314.2641 or email her at