Calvert County Creates Two New Departments in Government Organization Restructure

The Board of County Commissioners in Calvert County recently announced that it will restructure the government organization to improve overall government operations and services to the public. The plan will create two new departments: Parks & Recreation and Communications and Media Relations. The plan does not call for staff reductions. Changes in the county’s organizational structure will take effect July 1, 2017.

According to the county press release,

The BOCC reviewed and approved the proposed organizational structure in open session during its regular meeting. To better meet the needs of the citizens, changes in the departments of Economic Development, Finance & Budget, General Services, Personnel and Public Safety are planned. The reorganization is a response to guidance established by the BOCC to ensure the effective and efficient use of county resources by determining alternative approaches to the way government is run.

“These changes set the foundation for a more effective county government now and in the years to come,” said BOCC President Tom Hejl. “More effective management of operations will help us provide improved service to Calvert County residents and also help identify talents and skills in the organization that can be grown and better utilized. The reorganization accomplishes a board goal for restructuring and efficiency and its implementation will have long-term benefits to Calvert County.”

“Restructuring has been a personal goal of mine since being selected for office in 2010,” said Board Vice President Evan Slaughenhoupt Jr. “It allows an organization to review and apply efficiencies and processes that make for better government operations. Today’s decision will lead to a better-aligned government that will ultimately better serve the public and our employees.”

As part of the reorganization, two new departments will be created: Parks & Recreation (formerly under the Department of General Services) and Communications and Media Relations (formerly under the Department of Economic Development). In addition, two departments will be renamed. The Office of Personnel will become the Department of Human Resources and the Department of Community Planning & Building will return to its designation as the Department of Planning and Zoning.

The departmental reporting structure will also be realigned along two primary functions. Departments responsible for operations and public services – Planning and Zoning, Community Resources, Economic Development, Parks & Recreation, Public Safety and Public Works – will report to County Administrator Terry Shannon. Departments providing internal support and administrative services – Communications & Media Relations, Finance & Budget, General Services, Human Resources and Technology Services – will report to Deputy County Administrator Wilson Parran.

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