LGAC Calls For Maintaining Federal Bay Funding

The Local Government Advisory Committee (LGAC) added its voice to the chorus of advocates calling for at least maintaining the current level of federal funding ($73 million) for Chesapeake Bay restoration efforts. Under President Donald Trump’s proposed FY 2018 budget, Bay funding is zeroed out.

From a letter (2017-04-04) LGAC sent to the Chesapeake Bay Executive Council:

We are writing to request your support in advocating for maintaining EPA Chesapeake Bay Program funding at the current level of $73 million. …

The elimination of funding for the EPA Chesapeake Bay Program, as proposed in the President’s 2018 Budget Blueprint, will limit our ability to protect healthy waters, put a halt to many local water protection and restoration initiatives, and threaten the scientific integrity of the restoration effort.

Local governments throughout the watershed are investing millions of dollars to protect and restore local waters. Bay Program funding and other federal programs such as the Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds, along with state funding, are vital to our success.

We know you share our understanding that a healthy Chesapeake Bay is an economic engine for our region and a critical resource for our nation and hope that we can count on your support of our efforts.

LGAC is an advisory body created in 1993 that provides input the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on building relationships with and providing assistance to local governments regarding environmental services and programs, including Bay restoration activities. LGAC’s membership includes local elected and appointed officials, state representatives, environmental interest groups, and labor interests.

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