MACo Opposes Funding Consequences of Public Safety Training Compliance

MACo’s Associate Director, Natasha Mehu, submitted written testimony in opposition of legislation (House Bill 1503) that would strip funding from local law enforcement agencies if all individuals required to take specific trainings do not complete the trainings.

MACo’s testimony states

Counties respect the intent to enforce training compliance and believe that their officers should complete all required trainings. However, they are concerned that the bill may have the unintended consequence of stripping a law enforcement agency of nearly all its funding if even just one officer is unable to complete the training. The bill does not provide for any exceptions. There could be cases in which a particular officer may be pregnant, on military deployment, or otherwise practically unable to complete a training. The severe loss of department-wide funding could cripple law enforcement operations and threaten public safety. We do not believe that is the intent of the bill, but this could be the practical implication.

Funding that would be withheld includes state aid for police protection as well as grants that fund program targeting internet crimes against children, protective body armor, school safety enforcement, law enforcement equipment, DNA technology, and community programs.

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