MACo Supports Reform of Recycling Facility Regulations

MACo Policy Associate Kevin Kinnally offered amendments to legislation (HB 124) that would allow the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) to create new regulations for recycling facilities before the House Environment and Transportation Committee on February 8, 2017. The bill was sponsored by MDE.

From MACo’s testimony:

HB 124 requires the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) to adopt regulations governing recycling facilities, in consultation with MACo and other key stakeholders. As materials recovery facilities (MRFs) sort and process recyclables collected through the single stream process, they are handling increasing amounts of what is currently defined as non-recyclable “solid waste.” Under current law, this could trigger the need for MRFs to apply for a solid waste disposal permit – an expensive and cumbersome requirement that was never intended to apply to them. HB 124 would allow MDE to adopt regulations to require recycling facilities like MRFs to meet reasonable public safety and health requirements while avoiding the need to apply for a solid waste permit.

Kinnally offered an clarifying amendment that would exclude residential recycling drop-off facilities from the bill’s definition of “recycling facilities.” MDE regarded the amendment as friendly. There was no opposition to the bill.

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