Counties Nationwide Fight For A Local Infrastructure Fast Track

A Local Infrastructure Fast Track not only matters to Maryland counties, but to counties nationwide. Yesterday, the National Association of Counties (NACo) testified before the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on modernizing the nation’s infrastructure system. NACo Representative Cindy Bobbitt, chair of the Grant County, Okla. Board of Commissioners, emphasized counties’ vast transportation infrastructure responsibilities. Counties own and maintain 45 percent of public road miles and nearly 40 percent of bridges, and are involved in a third of the nation’s public transportation systems and airports.

In Maryland, counties own and maintain 74 percent of the public roads. Local governments own and maintain 83 percent of our transportation network.

NACo reports:

[Bobbitt] noted that county infrastructure plays a critical role in moving freight and other goods to market, while modernizing industries, higher crop yields and new methods of energy extraction create immense stress on rural roads.

Additionally, Bobbitt underscored that the federal-state-local partnership on infrastructure, informed by county input, is crucial for economic competitiveness.

“Counties stand ready to work with our federal partners to achieve our shared goals — improving transportation, increasing public safety and boosting our economy,” she said.

Watch the testimony here: