MACo Supports Bill Preventing Frivolous Charges Against Correctional Officers

MACo Associate Director, Natasha Mehu, submitted written testimony in support of Senate Bill 207, “Criminal Procedure – Charges Against Correctional Officer – Review by State’s Attorney,” to the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee on January 31, 2017.

Under SB 207, charges against a correctional officer for offenses alleged to have been committed during the course of duty must first be reviewed and determined reasonable and appropriate by a state’s attorney before they can be filed against the officer. This protection is currently afforded to law enforcement officers, emergency services personnel, and educators.

From MACo testimony:

The bill would protect correctional officers from charges brought in retaliation or made in an attempt to harass an officer. It ensures that charges are only pursued in cases where the alleged offenses are well-founded. This protects correctional officers from the time and expense of frivolous litigation, while safeguarding accountability when charges are truly warranted.

Follow MACo’s advocacy efforts during the 2017 legislative session here.

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