Baltimore County Pushes for School Construction During Special Session


In the upcoming May 1 special session, Baltimore County urges the General Assembly to take up its top priority – school construction.

County Executive John Olszewski Jr. lead a broad Baltimore County contingent in calling for the General Assembly to re-address a massive school construction proposal that failed during the recent 90 day session.

The announcement was captured on the county executive’s Twitter feed, below:

The Governor has, at the legislative leadership’s request, scheduled a special session on May 1 to allow the House of Delegates to elect its new Speaker. Most onlookers expect the Senate to merely gavel in as a formality, and for the House to conduct its limited business within one day, without the need for any lengthy procedures.

In the Baltimore Sun coverage, the county’s House delegation chair intimated that the narrow agenda would remain, leaving the school construction proposal until next January:

Anything we do to bring attention to the fact of how important the bill is, to drive the point home, is a positive thing,” said Del. Pat Young, a Democrat who chairs the Baltimore County Delegation in the House. But, Young said, “unfortunately, this special session, they’re not going to move a bill like that.”


Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties