Hogan Announces ‘Justice for Victims Initiative’

Governor Larry Hogan has announced a package of anti-crime bills crafted to hold offenders accountable and to support victims.

The Herald-Mail reports:

The package, which will be submitted to lawmakers during the current General Assembly session, has four parts, including:

Repeat Sexual Predator Prevention Act — The bill would allow courts to admit evidence of a defendant’s prior history of sexual-assault convictions during prosecution for subsequent sexual offenses.

Protecting Victims of Sex Trafficking Act — This measure would further define sexual abuse to include sex trafficking, regardless of whether the abuse is committed by a parent or anyone with responsibility for supervising a child.

Repeat Drunk Driving Offenders Act — The legislation would make drunken driving a felony for those with three or more prior convictions, as well as for any offender convicted of causing a death or a life-threatening injury on a second or subsequent offense.

Hogan also announced that he is directing spending of as much as $5 million for up to one year of transitional housing assistance for victims of crime who face homelessness as a result of becoming isolated from support networks.

For more information read the full article in The Herald-Mail.