IMLA 2017 Mid-Year Seminar Offers Variety of Municipal Law Topics

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Registration is now open for the International Municipal Lawyers Association’s (IMLA) 2017 Mid-Year Seminar. The Seminar will be held from April 21-24, 2017, in Washington, DC. CLE credits are offered. From an IMLA email notice (2016-12-26):

Building off of last year’s success, IMLA will have a full Section 1983 track at the seminar as well as a “regular” seminar track, with municipal law staples.  We have a great program lined up and you really cannot beat the value we offer for the amount of high caliber CLE credits attendees will receive. Topics include:

Section 1983: Defending the Local Government

  • General Principles
  • Qualified Immunity Update
  • Understanding Taser Use of Force
  • Trial Practice
  • Wrongful Convictions
  • Constitutional Implications of Crowd Control
  • Fourth Amendment Update
  • Defending Officers in Use of Force Cases
  • Specific Focus: First Amendment
  • Dealing with the Press and Legal Issues in the Aftermath of the Pulse Shooting

Regular Programming

  • Employment Law – FLSA
  • Supreme Court Update
  • Criminalizing Poverty: The Intersection of Homelessness and the Constitution
  • Telecommunications
  • Municipal Finance
  • P3s
  • Land Use
  • Employment Law – Fitness for Duty Exams / ADA
  • Case Law Update
  • Ethics and Governmental Practice

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