Montgomery Launches Dementia Friendly Initiative

As part of the  broader Dementia Friendly America initiative, Montgomery county has launched a Dementia Friendly Initiative. This initiative involves strengthening support and services for residents impacted by dementia.

As announced in a Montgomery County press release:

“We want everyone to know that Montgomery County is strengthening the services and empowerment we offer to individuals and families experiencing dementia,” said County Executive Ike Leggett. “And, we want to ensure that people in this situation are aware of County supports so they can make use of them.”

Strengthened services include a new program of collaboration among public safety officers to offer additional support to individuals experiencing cognitive challenges and their families.  Enhanced public safety supports include:

–     Montgomery County Police and Fire & Rescue personnel are distributing an expanded version of the County’s “File of Life” medical history form and conducting particular outreach to individuals with dementia and their families. File of Life is a fillable medical history form that can be hung with a refrigerator magnet for access in an emergency situation.

–     Montgomery County Police are providing wearable ID bracelets to affected individuals. These can help first responders and others identify a family caregiver to contact in the event an individual with dementia becomes lost or needs medical help and cannot fully explain their situation.

–     Montgomery County Police Autism/Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD)/Dementia Outreach unit is expanding its efforts in order to inform more families about dementia-related supports and how to access them.

–      Montgomery County Police will continue providing training for officers in dementia supports; such training has been in place for the past decade. Additionally, in February 2017, Montgomery County Fire & Rescue will initiate online training for first responders based on the Alzheimer’s Association model, customized with public safety chief messages and reflecting Montgomery County services.

For more information read the full Montgomery County press release.