17 Actions To Support Early Learning

A report distills a list of ideas for advancing quality pre-kindergarten programs, some of which are already being undertaken in Maryland.

Courtesy of the Center for American Progress.

A new report from the progressive thinktank, the Center for American Progress, focuses on actions Governors can take to improve early childhood learning in their states.

Maryland is already taking several of the recommended actions, including assessing the costs of quality early learning programs. A draft report from the State’s consultants suggested major investments needed to provide 80% of Maryland’s children with quality pre-kindergarten.

The State’s consultants will be presenting the findings of their final report to the State’s Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education (also called the “Kirwan Commission” after its chair, former University of Maryland Chancellor Brit Kirwan) this Thursday.

Maryland counties have two representatives on the Kirwan Commission, Council Member Craig Rice of Montgomery County and Commissioner William Valentine of Allegany County. For more about their input so far, see Education Funding Commission Holds First Meeting.

The Governor and the General Assembly in Maryland will likely be considering recommendations from the Kirwan Commission on the topic of early childhood education on December 31, 2017, when the Commission’s final report is due.

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