Howard Says “Yes” to Campaign Finance Reform

Howard County voters yesterday approved a local ballot measure that amends the county charter so that future candidates for county executive and council would have the option of financing their campaigns publicly through a “Citizens’ Election Fund System.” According to unofficial results released by the State Board of Elections, the measure passed with 52.1% of the votes.

The specifics of how such a campaign finance system would work haven’t yet been established. Details are expected to be supplied later with the input of a citizens advisory board. But it’s likely to operate similarly to the system adopted in neighboring Montgomery County two years ago — candidates have small private donations of no more than $500 matched by public dollars capped at a maximum amount. In return, they must swear off large donations.

All results are current as of 5:00 pm on Wednesday, November 9, 2016. For updated information, visit the State Board of Elections.

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