Prince George’s County Council Approves Updates to Food Truck Laws

The Prince George’s County Council has passed legislation updating county food truck laws. As announced in a news release:

Council Member Karen R. Toles (D) – District 7, co-proposer of the legislation and chair of the Council’s Health, Education, and Human Services (HEHS) committee, says the new food truck laws will provide greater accessibility to expanded food options for residents, and increase opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

“Residents who live and work around our Metro stations have expressed a strong desire for healthier and more diverse eating options. The resurgence of food trucks, closely regulated, will provide residents with that option. We also want to provide an opportunity for food truck owners and operators to build and grow their businesses in Prince George’s County. While I am disappointed that today’s amendments will exclude the Branch Avenue Metro Station, overall, the legislation is moving the County in the right direction and a ‘win’ for both residents and business owners.”

Council Bill 16-2015 establishes “Food Truck Hubs” in targeted locations throughout the County to encourage economic development; increase public access to healthy food options; minimize or eliminate food deserts in underserved areas of the County; and promote entrepreneurship and revitalization.

Council Bill 17-2015 clarifies fixed locations for food service facilities for temporary periods of time.

Council Bill 51-2015 establishes a business license for food trucks and heightens health and public safety requirements for food trucks to include: insurance requirements; review by the Prince George’s County Fire Department for appropriate use of open flame and propane gas; and an on-site Certified Food Manager.

For more information read the full news release.