School Board Employment “Not Incompatible” with County Commissioner Role

The Maryland Attorney General has issued an opinion stating that there is no reason in state law that employees of the school system may not also have a role in local government, the Carroll County Times reports.

As reported in the Carroll County Times, this question arose from Carroll County regarding the election of Dennis Frazier to to County Board of Commissioners,

Frazier, R-District 3, a part-time teacher at East Middle School and a wrestling coach at Century High School, was elected to the county’s Board of Commissioners in November 2014. The issue of whether his employment by the school system constitutes a conflict of interest, and violates the county ethics code, was first raised in the Republican primary election and had dogged him ever since.

The Times reports that the Attorney General has now answered the question,

“The office of county commissioner, which includes the function of serving ex officio on the school board, is not incompatible with employment by the school board as a teacher,” Attorney General Brian Frosh said in an opinion issued in late July. The response was co-signed by Adam Snyder, the AG’s chief counsel of opinions and advice. The office did not offer an opinion on whether Frazier should be permitted to vote on school-related issues.

For more information, see the full story from the Carroll County Times.