Climate Change Mitigation Working Group Finalizing Recommendations

The Maryland Commission on Climate Change’s [MCCC’s] Mitigation Working Group is preparing to submit its first round of recommendations to the Commission. MACo Legal and Policy Counsel Les Knapp is a member of the Mitigation Working Group and Prince George’s County Council Member Deni Taveras is MACo’s representative on the MCCC.

On an October 6 conference call, Mitigation Working Group members discussed the draft recommendations the Working Group plans to submit to MCCC before the end of the year. The draft recommendations include: (1) support for the Maryland Department of the Environment’s [MDE’s] proposed regulations to reduce methane emissions from land fills, natural gas infrastructure, and wastewater treatment plants; (2) the use of enhanced economic impact and social equity analysis when creating new climate change reduction programs, in partnership with the Commission on Environmental Justice and Sustainable Communities; and (3) support for electric vehicle incentives and increase of electric vehicle infrastructure throughout the State. The Working Group will also submit short status reports on the State’s current goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 25% from their 2006 levels by 2020 (which the State is well on track to meet) and MDE’s pending draft plan for a 40% emission reduction by 2030. MDE’s draft plan is due in 2018.

Along with the recommendations and status reports, the Working Group is also preparing a work plan that will guide its actions for 2017. Knapp has stressed the need for county consultation and involvement, particularly in the implementation of the methane regulations and electric vehicle infrastructure. The Working Group will submit a finalized set of recommendations to the MCCC before the end of the year.

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