“Focus” Focuses On Kent

In a recent radio broadcast of Focus on the Counties, WYPR discusses the challenges of serving an aging and shrinking population with Kent County Administrator Shelley Heller and Chestertown Mayor Chris Cerino.

In the sixth and final installment of the Focus on the Counties series, Tom speaks with Kent County Administrator, Shelley Herman Heller. Kent County is one of nine counties in

Courtesy of Local Government Insurance Trust

the state that do not have a county executive, instead administrators are appointed by a board of elected commissioners. Heller was appointed County Administrator in July 2015. She is a Kent County native, and was town administrator of her hometown, Betterton, MD, from 2011 -2014, and then the finance officer for the town before taking on the top job in the county.

With just 20,000 residents, Kent is Maryland’s smallest county and the population is still declining. Heller and Cerino join to discuss the challenges of serving an aging and shrinking population.

Visit WYPR online to listen to the broadcast and click here to find out more about the Focus on the Counties series from WYPR.

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