Hogan: Counties Always Have Seats At His Table

img_2618In remarks at MACo’s Summer Conference this morning, Governor Larry Hogan emphasized his commitment to working with counties on transportation priorities, stating to a room full of county officials that they “will always have a seat at the table with my Administration.”

He referenced the rapid series of back-and-forth letters among the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), county leadership and various parties concerning this year’s Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) and the “scoring system” required by a recently passed state law, which he stressed he would work to repeal. Further, he announced:


We remain committed to improving our state’s transportation infrastructure … seeing top priority transportation projects in every county move forward … [and] restoring every single penny of highway user revenues.

To achieve this and other successes, he stated,

We will need the help of every person in this room.

In a letter to MDOT sent last week, MACo President John Barr urged that a state/county collaboration on prioritizing transportation projects would serve all parties best.

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