Solving the Workforce Compliance Challenge

A new publication focuses on how data and automation can help state and local government agencies.

Screenshot 2016-08-04 09.46.42The publication Route Fifty has released an eBook that describes what labor laws and regulations mean to county governments and municipalities and how organizations can manage the workforce to achieve labor compliance and drive operational performance.

The eBook is available for free download through Route Fifty.

One piece of advice that the publication shares for wage and hour compliance is increased automation.

The Four Steps to Wage and Hour Compliance

  1. Create a culture of compliance.
  2. Stay in the know.
  3. Train, train, and retrain.
  4. Automate.

This year at MACo’s Summer Conference, attendees will have the chance to consider the challenges of wage and hour compliance in one specific scenario – employee telework. In, Beam Me Up: Telecommuting and County Government, attendees will hear from county human resources directors and private consultants regarding employee telework policies and hear about the potential for improvements to workforce morale, recruitment, and performance through telework policies.

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