Who Are the #MACoCon Tech Expo Vendors? Find out.

MACo’s Summer Conference Tech Expo is a highly anticipated addition to the annual event. 24 tech-focused vendors will be available for one-day only – Wednesday, August 17 – to demonstrate the latest technology to conference participants.

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Learn more about our Tech Expo vendors and the technology they’ll be demonstrating:

Aeronautica Windpower (Booth 19)
Active wind project development site in Crisfield, and a full line of commercial-industrial scale wind turbines Made in the USA

ARISTA Networks (Booth 7)
Arista is by far the fastest-growing vendor in DC Networking Magic Quadrant ..” Source Gartner (May 2015) The networking market is evolving away from legacy enterprise networking to the CLOUD. Demo #1 In a cloud everything is dynamic. Workload Orchestration. Demo: CloudVision Exchange: OpenStack, NSX. Demo #2 Workload Optimization – Demo: LANZ + VMTracer + sFlow +eAPI (Partner VMTurbo) – Workload Security. Demo #3 DirectFlow + eAPI (Partner Palo Alto Network). Demo #4 Cloud operate 24×7. Workload High-Availability with Arista EOS Smart Software Upgrade. Demo #5 FlexRoute.

AVI-SPL, Inc (Booth 1)
Newline Trutouch Interactive Display

Commvault (Booth 23)
We’ll show our reporting analytics and self service portal also as well as endpoint technology.

CompWALK (Booth 14)
CompWALK is a cloud-based online and mobile solution that automates compliance and inspection operations. Eliminate paper-laden processes and produce reports in real-time with CompWALK, saving your department time and resources. Quickly deploy and integrate into existing systems to make the most of data collected in the field. BYOD-friendly (Bring Your Own Device) supporting iOS, Windows, and Android devices. CompWALK streamlines inspection processes for: . Food Safety Operations . Environmental Services . Facilities, Utilities, Highways . Emergency Management . And more! Stop by to see a demo of our inspection application, CompWALK, and to learn more about our real-time temperature monitoring devices for heightened food safety.

Enradius (Booth 5)
Stop by the Enradius booth and use their local listing reporting tool on site. Businesses can test how their local listing is displaying across Google, Facebook, GPS systems, and other listing directories. This is your chance to test inconsistencies in addresses and phone numbers. Even get the low-down on Pokemon Go, and driving site traffic with native ads.

ePlus Technology Inc. (Booth 4)
ePlus will be providing a demo of the Varonis DatAdvantage solution. Learn how you can protect your data from insider threats and prevent data breaches. Varonis is the market leader in providing visibility into unstructured data. The solutions allows organizations to reduce risks, reduce costs, and increase productivity around Windows, NAS, SAN, Active Directory, Unix, SharePoint, Exchange and O365 in a single pane of glass without business impact. We will demonstrate how DatAdvantage helps organizations see who has access to data, where data is stale, where sensitive data resides, where sensitive data is exposed, identify abnormal user behavior and will show how the solution will alert on and stop malware variants, recon tools and exfiltration events. The demo will show how you can get a detailed audit trail without the resource overhead, show how you can clean-up unused data and automatically archive based on the organization’s retention policy, provide real time alerts on unusual access, privilege escalations, and behavior deviation, etc. We will demonstrate how the easy to use Varonis web portal will automate access requests and empower data owners/business managers to take control over their data.

General Code (Booth 3)
General Code will be demoing access to records from cell phones and tablets.

Google Inc. (Booth 17)
Google Chromebooks and Google Cardboard VR.

Infojini Inc (Booth 13)
We are developing mobile prototypes on parent teacher communication.

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid Atlantic States Inc. (Booth 22)
Demonstration of Kaiser Permanente’s House Call’s with your own PCP

KCI Technologies, Inc. (Booth 9)
KCI’s Mobile Field Services Application – MFS is a scalable, flexible solution that consists of various task-specific modules and tools. The target platform for this application is the cutting-edge Microsoft Surface Pro with integrated functionality consisting of GPS, document management, and photo management. The application features a three-pronged system architecture, including a Cloud-based storage repository, a tablet-based field inspection tool, and the project management portal.

Livanta (Booth 24)
Workuments and Zuilder to demonstrate an enterprise human resources suite and a platform for business process automoation, respectively.

Maryland Department of Natural Resources (Booth 11)
Department of Natural Resources – AccessDNR Mobile AppThe mobile app, available on Apple and Android Devices, offers users a variety of tools for outdoor recreation – park finder, fish id, harvest tracking, tides, and more! Chesapeake and Coastal Services – Coastal AtlasThe Coastal Atlas is an online mapping and planning tool that allows state and local decision-makers to explore and analyze data for coastal and ocean planning activities.

Maryland Libraries (Booth 10)
We will be bringing a ROBO Personal 3D printer for demonstration.

Motorola Solutions, Inc. (Booth 8)
AMS – Advanced Messaging Solution helps you better serve your community with a faster, safer and better coordinated and informed workforce. Personnel can automatically receive dispatch information, such as Amber, Silver and BOLO Alerts on their two way APX radio. ILPS – Intelligence Led Public Safety – Turn your existing data such as video, social media, radio, CAD, RMS, etc into actionable intelligence and provide situational awareness to improve community and first responder safety. DEMS – Digital Evidence Management Solution – combines a body-worn video speakerMicrophone, which is attached to a two way APX radio, with advanced cloud-based content management. The seamless uploading that auto-correlates the metadata with existing CAD and RMS that saves time by minimizing administrative overhead and increasing actionable intelligence.WAVE – enables highly scalable, feature rich, enterprise grade push-to-talk (PTT) on broadband networks and devices so that critical, time sensitive information flows quickly and securely between mobile workers, teams and citizens.

Multivista (Booth 2)
Construction Documentation Photography- Our photo documentation services deliver “visual as-built” records of construction from beginning to end, providing easy access to thousands of inspection-grade photos of your project on demand with our exclusive online documentation platform. Construction Webcams – Multivista’s construction webcams allow users anytime access to live conditions of their construction site, perfect for broad site overviews of current conditions and construction activity. Construction Video Documentation – Multivista Video captures live events related to your construction project in a digital video format that includes sound recording. Multivista Videos are used for a wide variety of events, such as building walkthroughs, project turnovers and equipment training.

Phillips Office Solutions (Booth 21)
Papercut MF. PaperCut MF is the easy way to automatically monitor and manage copying and printing in your organization, giving you control over your costs, reducing waste and reducing your environmental impact. PaperCut MF intercepts print jobs on the print server and analyzes them, applying rules to enforce your print policies. PaperCut MF can reduce your paper usage up to 30%.

Playground Guardian (Booth 20)
Park and Playground Inspection Software can make maintaining your parks and playgrounds easier than ever before. Regular inspections and proper maintenance of your parks and playgrounds reduces risk of accidents and incidents in your community’s amenities. Park Protector streamlines park and playground inspections with a user-friendly interface and real-time access to digital records, photos and reports. It’s an eco-friendly way to secure data while minimizing paperwork and duplication of effort.

SAS Institute, Inc. (Booth 15)
SAS will be present at the Tech Expo at the MACo Summer Conference to conduct live demonstrations of our Visual Analytics software. No matter the size of your government organization – or your data – with SAS Visual Analytics you can explore all your relevant data quickly and easily. You can look at more options, uncover hidden opportunities, identify key relationships and make more precise data driven decisions faster than ever before. Self-service, ad hoc visual data discovery and exploration put lightning-fast insights within everyone’s reach. Visit SAS to see how visual analytics can aid in more effective and efficient government service delivery.

SecuLore Solutions (Booth 16)
SecuLore Solutions produces the latest version of cybersecurity technology focused on the monitoring, visualization and protection of enterprise systems, more specifically targeting the needs of the public safety community (9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Points). Our network appliance protects the entire IT infrastructure, is invisible to the outside world, and requires no end-point software installation – plug & play; easy to install/use.

Splunk (Booth 12)
Splunk Enterprise is the leading platform for real-time operational intelligence. It’s the easy, fast and secure way to search, analyze and visualize the massive streams of machine data generated by your IT systems and technology infrastructure—physical, virtual and in the cloud. Troubleshoot application problems and investigate security incidents in minutes instead of hours or days, avoid service degradation or outages, deliver compliance at lower cost and gain new business insights.

Sun Management (Booth 18)
Sun Management specializes in leading edge, next generation solutions for the DMZ, Data Security, and Core Network Services. We are continually evaluating emerging technologies and partner with the best of breed, innovative manufacturers. We offer a full suite of network design, integration, support and training services for the products we represent. In Security, Speed and Visibility is Crucial We will demonstrate End Point Security Life Cycle and next generation IT Security solutions Our Demonstration will answer the following questions: Do you know how many connected devices are on your network right now? No Do you know where your connected devices are right now? No Do you know what every connected device on your network is running (Applications, SW Packages, Operating Systems etc.. ?) No (huge hygiene and license mgt issue) How would you go about finding this information today? 3-5 tools, 3rd party team. How long would it take? How much would it cost? Weeks, Months, and millions.

Think Big Networks (Booth 6)
We will be demonstrating the ThinkBig GPON fiber to home connection. We will show the difference in speed between a traditional broadband connection and our Gigabit connection,


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