Kittleman Introduces Affordable Housing and TIF Legislation to County Council

Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman has filed a package of legislation intended to secure the development of affordable housing in downtown Columbia.

From Howard County:

The pre-filed legislation, which the Council is scheduled to review in July, is needed to amend the county code, Howard County General Plan and Downtown Columbia Plan in order to move forward with the comprehensive redevelopment of Downtown. If the bills pass, the County will have a legal framework to guarantee the development of affordable housing Downtown. Six years after the Downtown Columbia Plan was approved in 2010, no affordable units have been built to date.

Legislation also was introduced to authorize Tax Increment Financing (TIF), which will use a portion of tax revenue from new development to support financing needed for infrastructure, such as new roads, parking garages, an elementary school and arts center.

“Creating this plan has demonstrated the highest level of collaboration among county government, affordable housing advocates and the private sector, showing we will work together to produce the best results for residents,” said Kittleman. “Through this plan, Downtown Columbia will experience an enormous economic boost over the next 30 years. Most importantly, the plan will produce much needed affordable housing, opening opportunities for people to live and work in Howard County who cannot currently afford to do so.”

Kittleman said his administration’s consensus-driven proposal is based on joint recommendations developed by the Howard County Housing Commission, the Columbia Downtown Housing Corporation (CDHC), The Howard Hughes Corporation (HHC) and Howard County Government. The joint recommendations already have been approved by the Howard County Planning Board, an important step in the process.

For more information read the full news release.

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