Help Set MACo’s 2017 Policy Agenda

MACo is seeking proposals for its list of 2017 Legislative Initiatives — and welcomes input from county governing bodies, individual elected officials, professional affiliates, and others within the county community.

Each year, MACo undergoes a member-driven process to consider its top issue for the coming year. This process serves MACo members in many ways — a list of top priorities helps MACo send a clear message to state policymakers, and allows for early coalition-building and strategy.

A Committee of county representatives will work through the summer and fall to refine all proposals into a slate of recommended initiatives, which will be adopted by the Legislative Committee. MACo leadership and staff will then pursue those top issues, work with potential sponsors, draft suitable legislation, and focus on those topics to set the stage for fruitful legislative debate.

Submit your ideas and proposals to MACo by July 1 for full consideration.

Your submission may come in any format — including a formal letter from the county’s governing body, or an email to Executive Director Michael Sanderson. MACo will work with you to develop suitable information and background materials to ensure full and fair consideration through the initiative process.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties