Transportation “Scorecard” Bill Passes – Veto Debate Ahead

HB 1013, the bill creating a new “scoring” system for major state transportation projects, passed the Senate Thursday afternoon following extended debate. The bill was then sent to the House for a concurrence – where the House approved the Senate-amended version of the bill and sent it to the Governor.

The action is in time to allow an end-session legislative debate on a veto override. Governor Hogan indicated today that he intends to veto the bill.

Both floor votes were largely party-line, with a small number of Democrats voting against the bill in each chamber. While both bills were just shy of the three-fifths required to override a veto, each vote had absent members who, if in Chamber, seem likely to support the legislation.

The text of the bill passed by the Senate is, regrettably, not in one document, but can be assembled by using the following links:

HB 1013 Third Reader Bill (as it passed the House)
B&T Committee Amendments – substantive
B&T Committee Amendments – technical

Both the House and Senate accepted substantial amendments to the bill, many of which were drafted to address county concerns. MACo delivered opposition testimony on the bill (and its Senate crossfile) in both committees.

An enrolled bill will likely be available on the General Assembly website in the day or two ahead.

Update – Governor Hogan vetoed the bill Friday according to the Daily Record (the article viewable for subscribers only).

(edited Thursday 6:00pm, following House concurrence)

(edited Friday 11:20a, following announcement of Governor’s veto)

Note from Governor Hogan’s Facebook page on Friday, April 1, 2016:

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Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties