MACo Action Alert: Keep County Road Funding Alive! – Contact Your Delegates

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The House of Delegates is considering the Senate-altered version of a municipalities-only Highway User Revenues package, leaving out counties completely. Please contact all Delegates, and urge them to stand up for Highway User Revenues.


As you likely know, the “great recession” forced deep cuts to Highway User Revenues. Counties now receive less than 10% of their former share of the gas tax – over seven years, we have lost about $2.4 BILLION for the maintenance and repair of local roads. These recession-driven cuts persist despite a replenished Transportation Trust Fund.

The Senate’s fiscal plan does not look good for county roads. One year of funding, and only for cities and towns.

We are asking Delegates help – in Committee, and on the floor.


SUPPORT HB 1455 – It is sitting in the Environment & Transportation Committee. HB 1455 would restore HUR funding to counties, municipalities, and Baltimore City. PLEASE HELP SUPPORT THIS BILL.

REJECT SENATE LIMITATIONS ON FY17 LOCAL ROAD FUNDING – The Appropriations Committee correctly rejected the Senate limitations on the FY17 local road funding – but we need House budget conferees to stand up to the Senate on this in conference.

PRESSURE HOUSE BUDGET LEADERS – The Governor funded local roads in this year’s budget. The CTP already allows for that phase-in. The state can afford to do this.

FUND ALL LOCAL ROADS – NOT JUST CITIES AND TOWNS – The needs for local road repair are great everywhere – a towns-only package is not fair or adequate. Baltimore City lost more funding than any jurisdiction by far, and the 23 counties now receive far less in total than the municipal governments (despite having far more roads and drivers). FAIR IS FAIR.

Don’t Let This Year Slip By Without An HUR Plan

Don’t Settle for Winners and Losers – Fund All Local Roads



2016 Maryland House of Delegates

MACo Contact: Michael Sanderson, Executive Director