What to Watch for in Annapolis This Week

The Baltimore Sun has a quick item today forecasting major issues in the General Assembly this week — as the Senate starts its fiscal decision-making process, and major policy issues are coming to the floor of each chamber.

From their coverage:

It’s crunch time for the Senate’s fiscal wizards as the Budget & Taxation Committee starts the process of making line-by-line decisions Tuesday.

That chore will continue through the week as the committee wraps up its edits to Gov. Larry Hogan’s second budget in time to bring it to the Senate floor next week.

To get there, senators face key decisions on how much to require the governor to spend in future years and how much room to allow for tax cuts.

A sharp clash is in the cards Tuesday when Hogan’s Relief from Budget Mandates bill, which essentially tells the legislature to butt out of spending decisions in tough times, gets its hearing in the House Appropriations Committee.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties