Governor Creates New Office of Performance Improvement

Governor Hogan issued an Executive Order last Friday creating the Governor’s Office of Performance Improvement (GOPI). The Office, which will evaluate the performance of state agencies and make suggestions to operate more efficiently, was merged with the existing StateStat Office and given an expanded scope.

As reported by the Washington Post,

Hogan said that the Governor’s Office of Performance Improvement is part of his plan to reduce waste and excessive bureaucracy in government.

“Every single agency in Maryland government must be focused on delivering outstanding service to the people of the state, while keeping a close eye on how every single taxpayer dollar gets spent,” Hogan said in a statement. “Duplication of services, waste of taxpayer dollars, and never-ending bureaucracy are what people so often resent in government agencies. It will be GOPI’s job to track progress in these areas across state government and make recommendations on how agencies can make improvements over time,

The StateStat Office was established by Governor O’Malley and was based on a CitiStat program he put in place while serving as Mayor of Baltimore.