Sponsor Wants “Universal Voter Registration” Costs On State, Not Counties

At the bill hearing on SB 350, legislation to implement “universal voter registration,” Senate sponsor Roger Manno indicated bill amendments would try to avoid the cost considerations that triggered MACo’s opposition to the bill. Speaking before the Senate Committee on Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs, the Senator was asked (regarding a series of comprehensive bill amendments) whether the implementation costs should be state or county, and replied “In my intention…it would be the State government and the Board of Elections that would pick up the cost.”

MACo Executive Director Michael Sanderson testified on the bill, citing the fiscal impacts submitted by local Boards of Election, and noting that their operational funding is derived from county revenues. Acknowledging the amendments being discussed, he urged the Committee to “consider these local effects” with further changes to the bill.

Read the written testimony submitted on SB 350 and two other related bills (one withdrawn) heard in Committee Thursday.

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